I looked down below so cold but

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I Looked Down Below So Cold
But Yet I Have Already Sold My Soul
You Were There Once And Now Your Gone
I Hate It Cause You Dont Belong
People Say Hatred To You
But Only If They Knew
I Was The One Behind The Crime
I Knew I Should Have Cared About Our Special Time
Now I’ve Lost You Out Of My Mind
Why Did I Have To Be So Blind
Now I Miss You Without No Sight
Why Did You Have To Die That Night
You Left Me Beneath The Wind
Why Did I Have To Had Sinned
He Hates The Thought Of Me And You
Why Couldn’t It Be So True
I Hate Him With A Passion Of Life
He’s Lucky I Dont Have A Fucking Knife
I Would Cry For All The Pain He Takes
Please God Dont Let Me Make A Mistake
I Love Him And Hate The Wounds
Please Don’t Bring Me To My Dooms
I Want Him, Its So Bad I Could Scream
But Its Sad, I Can Only Have Him In My Dream
As I Point My Hatred To My Head
All I Remember Are The Words You Said
Of How We Were Supposed To Be
I’ve Wished I Could Have See
In Another Life
I Will Be Your Final Wife