I lead this life without a care

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I Lead This Life Without A Care
Everything Is Bleak, Total Despair
The Lonely Times They Get To You
Not Much Fun And Nothing To Do

Being An Irishman Has A Big Flaw
Drinking Heavily, That I Forsaw
I Could Have Stopped It, But It’s Too Late
Or Maybe Not Not, Possibly Fate
I Have The Love Of My Life
She’s Everything To Me
She Could Be My Wife
And Living In Harmony
But… Feeling Alone, It Does Not Go Away
No Matter Your Status It Decides To Stay
Some Veiw Life As A Potentious Entree
When Others Know It’s Just The Ashtray
Depression… Is Another Virus
Doctors Can Try But There’s No Cure
It’s A Feeling Of Certain Sadness
When Diagnosed, None Preservere.
You Try To Let Out A Cheer
But You’re Sucked In By Your Greatest Fear
It Continues Every Night For All Year
Making Your Status More, And More Severe.
You Tried It Once, And It Didn’t Work
Do It Again, You’d Feel Like A Jerk
That Wouldn’t Matter, You’d Be Dead
Depressed And Underinfluenced, You Lose Your Head.
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