I lay alone in my bedroom thinking

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I Lay Alone In My Bedroom
Thinking Of Where You Are
Glancing Out My Window
To Gaze Up At The Stars
I Wonder If You Miss Me
Do I Even Cross Your Mind
Are You The One I’ve Been Searching For
But Could Never Seem To Find
Are You The One I’m Meant To Grow Old With
The Keeper Of My Heart
Is That Why I Feel So Incomplete
Whenever We’re Apart
When You Look Into My Eyes
What Exactly Do You See
Through All The Pain That Life Has Caused
Can You See My Love So Deep
I Long To Make You Happy
And Allow You To Heal My Pain
Just To Be Here For Me
When My World Makes Me Insane
You Hold Me When I Cry
When Worries Bring Me Down
You Tell Me You Are Here For Me
To Make A Smile Of My Frown
I Want To Love You Fully
Hold My Head Up And Walk Tall
But If I Start To Stumble
Will You Catch Me When I Fall