I know when that dead silence trickles

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I Know
When That Dead Silence
In The Back Of Your Throat
Something Is Wrong
I Know
When Isolation
Is Your Best Resolution
To Get Away
That You’re Upset
I Know
When She Is
Hollering Like
A Maniacal Prisoner
With No Love
In Her Heart
You Want To Cry
But Keep In Mind
That It Doesnt
Rain Forever
I Know
When I Do Things
To Annoy You
Or Get You Down
You Want To Stray
And I Know
That In Your Heart
You Know That
We Will Be Okay
But Dont Worry
About Our Separation
Cause Your Presence
Is Always Near
I Know
When Pain Hits
You Feel
Dead Inside
And I Know
You Wont
Let A Single
Tear Fall
Because Of Your Pride
But When I Wrap
My Arms Around You
And Concentrate
On Making You Smile
You’ll Know
That Somewhere The Sun Is Shining