I just breathe the name of almighty

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I Just Breathe The Name Of The Almighty
When My Heart Is Filled With Fear.
And Though I Cannot See His Face,
I Know That He Is Near.
When I Whisper “The Almighty” Softly
I’m Admitting I’m In Need.
By Calling Out That Precious Name,
My Stress-Bound Soul Is Freed.
It’s A One-Word Prayer I Utter
When I’m Not Sure What To Pray.
It’s A Prayer Of Sweet Surrender
When I’m Weary Of “My Way.”
I Pray “The Almighty” When I’m Worried
Or When I Am Depressed.
I Say “The Almighty” When My Mind’s Confused
Or When My Life’s A Mess.
It’s A Prayer He Always Answers
As He Gives Me Eyes To See
Evidences Of His Presence
And His Tender Love For Me.