I have this friend that is so

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I Have This Friend That Is So Weird,
Its Even Worse Then I Had Feared.
The Way You Are, The Things You Say,
I’m Afraid You’ll Be Commited One Day.
But, I Will Come And Bust You Out,
Cause I Can’t Go A Minute Without,
The Way I Feel When You Make Me Laugh,
Its A Feeling That I Have To Have.
I Didn’t Even Mind The Tear In My Eye,
On That Awful Day You Made Me Cry.
Despite The Fact That I Was Mad,
I Was Still So Greatful I Had,
Someone Like You Right By My Side,
Quickly Making Things Alright.
You Always Know Just What To Do,
To Change My Mind From Being Blue.
I’m Not Sure You Even Know,
How Much I Miss You When You Go.
Though I Tell You, Its Not The Same,
Cause I Mean It More, Then I Can Explain.
And So, Weird Friend, I Have To Say,
I Love You More With Each New Day!
Thanks For Being Wonderful
by jmt27