I have failed to understand you suddenly

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I Have Failed To Understand You
Suddenly Do You Deveolop Inside Me
Making Someone So Special
Smiles And Joys Of That Person Start Affecting Me
And The Woes Echo Deep In My Heart
What Magic Do You Do?
The Heart Itself Rhymes With The Hearbearts Of Other Heart
And The Senses Feel The Touch Which Actually Isnt There
Miles Away But So Close At Heart We Feel
Why Does Suddenly The Absence Of A Person Hurt So Much?
When Some Time Back We Hadn’t Even Met
How Did These Eyes Start Watering So Often?
I Am Amazed At What All You Make Me Do
Strange You Are Really Strange
I Boast To Have Removed You Completely
You Still Remain Somehwere In The Corner
Each Time I Try To Make A New Start
You Remind Me Of The Past Times
Pictures You Draw So Clear In My Mind
But Whatver You May Do I Can’t Let You Die
As It Is For You I Am Human Being
Good Or Bad It Is You Who Make Me
Without You I Cant Imagine Myself
Wierd Isnt It? I Hate You I Love You
You Remain Such An Integral Part Of Me
And Still I Fail To Understand You