I have been blessed beyond all measure

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I Have Been Blessed
Beyond All Measure
God Has Granted Me
My Life’s Greatest Treasure

A Best Friend, A Pal
Someone Who Has Shown Me How
To Open Up And Realize
From Now On, There Is Someone By My Side
Trust Issues A Thing Of The Past
Doing For Me, Without Being Asked
And Allowing Me To Reciprocate
I Found You, Before It Was Too Late
But, No That Is Wrong
I Had Been Searching For So Long
Then Took The Time To Speak With God
To Explain To Him All My Needs
Your Name Was The One He Did Mention
I Must Admit, There Was Apprehension
So To You I Came
After I Did Hesitate And Tarry
With A Nervous Heart And Sweatty Palms
You I Asked To Marry
Be Be My Partner For Life
My Friend, My Lover , My Wife
Caught By Suprise, This I Could See
A Deep Breath And Eyes Became Misty
My Nervousness Soon Subsided
As You Said Yes To Me
So This I Say To You, This Day
I Am Truly Blessed
That God Delivered You To Me
Thank You Lord, Is All I Can Say