I have a plan why should not

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I Have A Plan.
Why Should I Not Lie Forever
In The Circle Of Your Arms?
Leave The World-‘s Stream?
Can-‘t We Lie Here Forever?
While Outside The Window
The World Wheels Round,
Daylight Dawns And Fades,
Sunlight Flashes Up And Dies In Season,
Rain Falls Softly Or Storms,
Trees Rock And Fall In Gales,
Lawns Are Mowed
And Neighbours-‘ Children Play
Then Leave Them Aging
And In Fear Of Loneliness.
This Is My Plan:
(Our Needs Are Few.)
We Shall Condense Our World
To Fit This Marriage Bed;
Lay In A Store Of Luxuries
(They-‘re Free) :
The Touch Of Skin On Skin;
Exchanges Of Loving Words;
Laughter And Stories; Passion;
All Heaped In Easy Reach.
And We Shall Lie In Bed,
Resisting Siege