I fail to recollect was born with

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I Fail To Recollect
Was I Born With It?
Or Was It Gifted To Me?
But I Have Worn It Always.
Wherever I Wandered,
In Circle Or Alone.
It Looks Spotless And Radiant
When I Am Lonely.
Visible To Few,
But Unseen By Many.
Those Who Grew Accustomed
Have Chosen To Ignore
They Have Persuaded Me Often
To Get Rid Of It.
But How Could I Detach It?
It Grows, It Shrinks
And Often Bleeds.
But Never Ceases To Exist.
Sometimes Looks Too Old And Obsolete.
Each Time I Try To Dispose It Of
It Comes Out
Clean And Starched
With Fresh Pain.
It Is My Emptiness.
Like A Piece Of Cloth
It Veils Me
Inside Out.
Fadinginto Oblivion