I dont know why do but what

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I Dont Know Why
I Do
But I Do
I Dont Know What Makes
Get So Caught Up
In This Thing
We Called A
So-Called Relationship
But Its True
I Dont Know
Why You
Can Get The Best
Of Me
But You Do
I Dont Know
Why I Do
But I Love You
I Know
That I Am Not
The Only One
In Your Heart
But You Dont Want To Admit
That I Told You
Abotu The Hurting Part
That I Dont Want
To Witness
In This Relationship
So Before You
Bring Me With Some
Bad News
Explan It Gently
I Dont Know Why
I Let You
Do These Things
That Only Cause Pain
Instead Of
Remembering That
Its Your Foolish Ways
I Give Myself Blame
I Dont Understand
What’s So Great About
Keeping You
But I Want To
And If Time
Creeps Up
In Our Future
And We Are Still One
Lets Forget The Past
And Follow The Beamed Happiness
Of The Sun
For If It
To Pitter Patter
And Flash
Our Mentalities
Let’s End This Departure
Than Wind Up
With Calamity
And If
We Must
Go Our Seperate Ways
Less Bitter, Just
Remember The Good Days
The One Where You
Made Me Smile
Made It Worth While
When I Was Feeling Down
Your Immature Ways
Turned My Life Around
But If
There It Ever Comes Along
Lets End It Peacefully