I cried for you but didn8217t see

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I cried for you
But you didn’t see.
I called to you
But you didn’t hear.
I reached for you
But you pulled away.
I tried to show you
But you can’t see.
I am standing before you.
I am battered and bruised.
My soul it is wounded
My body feeling used.
I need you to see me
I wish you’d understand.
I need to know you see me.
I need you to take my hand.
Why do I love you
You have broken my heart
How can I care now?
I’m torn all apart.
I need you to see me
To see through my eyes.
I need you to understand.
Please realize.
I am not asking for everything
Justa moment in time.
I am waiting for an answer.
I need yours before mine
by miss_annie‚