I couldnt wait to meet my singing

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I Couldn-‘t Wait To Meet My Singing Bird
As She Ran Along The Corrugated Leaf
I Couldn-‘t Bear To See Her Fed
But With Everything, My Hard Earned Sheaf
I Could Wait, Under The Dark Dank Shed
That She May Fit Into My Eyes Leafy Miff If
I Couldn-‘t Wait.
I Couldn-‘t Wait To See My Crying Bird
As She Sat Atop The Kitchen Cliff
I Couldn-‘t Wait To See Divinity In Wed
Longing For Some Warmth Of Our Laugh
I Could Wait, Not For Her Tickling Word
For My Heart Would Break And Thread The If If
I Couldn-‘t Wait.
I Couldn-‘t Wait To See A Hungry Third
Keeping Watch Like A Welcoming Chef
I Couldn-‘t Wait To Lap My Pen, Quill-Feathered
A Fossil, Not Stone-Age Stiff
I Could Wait, As The Spirit Guard
Ran A Race That Must, If
I Couldn-‘t Wait