I begin my day becoming a glass

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I Begin My Day Becoming A Glass
To Stay In Your Breakfast Table
I Hide In Your Wardrobe
With Your Clothes
Become A Soap In Your Bathroom
I Am With The Sponge Of Your Car Seat
I Make Me Threads Of Your Sandals
And The Pin Cushion At Your Office Table
Belt Of Your Watch
At Kitchen In Your Chili Pot
Blow Myself With Air
To Dash Your Window Screens
I Mix Myself With
The Sunrays Of The Evening
Enter Into All The Lights
Of Your Arena
And I Land There
Before All Your Footsteps
I Am Love
I Am Here
(As You Are In My Life)
I Dilute Myself
With The Colors Of Your Dreams
All I Do In Thousands Of Forms
Because I Love You
Getting Love Is My Due.