I and many know that everyone has

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I And Many Know
That Everyone Has Needs
A Feeling From Down Below
That One Often Feeds
It Is Very Normal
That You Do It Too
As Well You Might Be Formal
Not To Let Me See You
Its A Personal Habbit
Thats Not Done On The Street
I Pray That When You Do It
At Least You Be Discrete
Please Sis I Beg You
Dont Put Me In Such A Situation
To Pretend I Have No Clue
About Your Masturbation
Sometimes I Cannot Sleep
But I Have To Shut My Eyes
Your Secret I’m Obliged To Keep
And Swallow All My Sighs
I Really Want You To Understand
That It Is Not A Crime
To Take Some Pleasure From The Hand
But It Takes You Too Much Time
I Dont Mean To Offend You
With What I Have To Say
Im Just Saying What Is True
In The Most Decent Way
You Might Feel Embarassed
With An Urge To Bang Your Head
I Hope You Wrent Offended
By The Things Ive Said