I am here loving you always as

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I Am Here.
Loving You Always.
As You Love Yourself,
You Will See My Love More Fully.
Do Not Fear Being Alone.
You Can Never Really Be Alone.
I Am In You.
Moving Through You.
Around You.
That-‘s Me.
So The Energy And Excitement You Feel,
Is My Presence.
But It Is Also Your Presence,
As We Are One.
Trust That.
Fly Little One.
As High As You Can.
I Will Be The Wind
Beneath Your Wings.
Do Not Fear The Heights.
You Were Meant To Fly.
There Is Only Freedom There.
I Am Your Sky.
I Am The Heights.
I Am The Air.
Seek Me And You Will Find.
That I Am There.
Lifting You Ever Higher.
Beyond All That You Fear.
To New Horizons We Will Go.
Onward And Upward With The Sun.
The Sun Will Not Consume You.
The Sun Is A Ball Of Energy.
So Are You.
Light Cannot Hurt Light.
So Fly With Me,
Into The Light Of The Sun.
There Are No Limits For One,
Who Soars Into The Light Of Eternity.
Be With Me,
As I Have Been With You.
Choose Me,
As I Have Chosen You.
Dance With Me,
As I Have Danced With You,
And We Shall See Where All Of This Will Take Us.