Hypocrocy oh can you taste it all

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Oh, Can You Taste It?
All Around You, Deny And Lie
Not What Sets Us Apart
But What Brings Us Together
Fake Your Innocence, You Know Why
A Common Killer
Takes One Look
An Empty Judgement
All It Took
Why Are Hearts Led To Decieve?
Or A Play On Thought
Life Hanging On Your Word
That Was Whispered Behind Backs
And Somehow Heard
Your Not So Pure As You Believe
A Beautiful Disguise
Ugly Underneith
The Face Of Who We Really Are
Don’t Try Too Hard
Its Tainted Perfection
Nothing Left To Mar
Forget And Forget? If Only
Something You Cant Win
Mercy Cost So Much
When Were Guilty As Sin
A Sense Of Conscience To Relieve
Our Black Made White
Couldn’t Take It Anymore
Black Made White
Devastation To Ignore
Your Not So Pure As You Believe