How do you let go of the

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How Do You Let Go Of The One Who Holds The Key To Your Heart,
How Do You Survive When They’re The One Ripping It Apart.
How Do You Forget All You Once Shared,
How Do You Forget That They Once Cared.
How Do You Erase The Memories Of Love And Laughter,
How Do You Accept There’s Not A Happily Ever After.
How Do You Stop Remembering Each Touch, Each Kiss,
How Do You Ease The Pain, Of All That You’ll Miss.
How Do You Get The Words Out Of Your Head,
How Do You Sleep At Night In The Empty Bed.
How Do You Stay Friends At The End Of It All,
How Do You Pick Yourself Up From The Fall.
How Do You Be Happy That They’ve Found What They Were Looking For,
How Do You Make Them See That You Would Have Loved Them More.
How Do You Move On And Try To Love Again,
How Do You Tell Your Shattered Heart To Mend.
How Do You Convince Yourself That You Were Enough,
How Do You Make Yourself Believe It Wasn’t Your Fault.
How Do You Let Go Of The One Who Said Goodbye,
How Do You Live, Loving Them Till You Die.
How Do You Let Go Of The One You Prayed For Heaven To Send,
You Don’t, You’ll Be Here….Loving Them Till The End.
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