How could you walk out the door

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How Could You Walk Out The Door And Leave Me
Standing There
How Could You Never Look Back
At The Damage That You Caused
How Could You Hurt Me So Bad
Like I Told You, You Dont, Didnt,
Love Me Like I Loved You, Love You.
And What You Did Showed That
How Could You Make Me Want To Cry So Bad
My Tear Ducts Dry Up
All I Wanted Was Your Love, Your
Undivided Attention, Your Touch
Look, And Your Ear
What Did I Do To Deserve This?
I Took You Back Into My Life, And
This Is The Thanks I Get? !
We Were Supposed To Get Married, And
Then You Go And Do This
I Have So Many Questions Unanswered
But The Only One That Sticks Out In My Mind
Right Now That I Want Answered Is…
How Could You?
Rickita Ellis