How can you like her and say

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How Can You Like Her, And Say You Love Me?
How Can You Say You Didn-‘t Lie To Me When You Said, I Love You?
Am I Stupid For Really Thinking That You Actually Cared, That You Actually Meant It?
She Says She Won-‘t Do Anything With You
But Her Actions Tell Me Different
She Is My Friend
How Could She Even Think About You?
She Always Tore You Up
She Said, Ugh, He-‘s Ugly, He-‘s Fat
I Would Say, Looks Don-‘t Matter To Me
I Defended You And Now, She-‘s Flirting With You
And You-‘re Liking Her
And I-‘m Hurt
I-‘m Hurting Bad And The Only Thing Keeping Me From Injuring Myself
Are My Pills
I Don-‘t Want To Be On This Earth Anymore
I Don-‘t Want To Keep Going With This -Ë—life-‘
I Want You And I Want You To Want Only Me
Is That So Hard To Ask?
I Love You, I Meant It When I Said It
How Can You Love Me And Want To Talk To Her?
How Can You Be Thinking About Her, If You Supposedly Care About Me Too?
Do I Ever Cross Your Mind?
You Said, You Cared About Me And That You Didn-‘t Just Say You Loved Me
You Asked Her To Sneak Out Too
You Would Go Pick Her Up Wouldn-‘t You?
You Said You Had Never Driven That Far For Anyone Else
Did I Think That You Had Never Hung Out With A Girl At Your House?
You Invited Me To Your House. You Said We-‘d Sneak In One Night
I Really Wanted To
That Was Supposed To Be This Week
You Ignored Me And You Think I-‘m Overreacting
And Talking Shit About Stupid Things
Baby, I Fucking Love You
I Love You!
Why Won-‘t You Just Love Me, And Only Me?
You-‘re Hurting Me
You-‘re Twisting My Heart In Your Hands
Why Can-‘t You Just Understand?
Is This Another One Of Your Games?
Is This All Part Of Your -Ë—master-‘ Plan?
It-‘s Killing Me Slowly
It-‘s Hurting Me Terribly
I-‘m Suffering, For You
This Is All For You
Only You
Just Please, Love Me, And Only Me, Too.