How can i begin to explain what

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How Can I Begin To Explain What My Heart Wants You To Know
I Stumble Over My Words And Can’t Express It Even Though,
You Make My World Revolve Around A Picture Perfect Dream
That In Itself Is More I Know Than Maybe What It Seems.

Gathering The Many Thoughts Of You I Write It Out In Verse
I Have Fallen Victim Of The Final Soul Mates Curse.
To Be In Love And Be Apart Is The Hardest Thing To Do
I Wish For A Time That I Can Spend Eternity With You.
And Though You Tell Me Patience Is A Virtue I Should Learn
Its Not The Being Impatient Part That Holds To My Concern
Its The Distance That We Strive To Close Each And Every Day
It’s Knowing That You Want Me And Love Me The Same Way.
It’s The Way You’ve Shown Me How To Smile No Matter What The Time
The Way My Heart Has Found A Way To Say To You In Rhyme
The Way You Always Seem To Know Exactly What To Say
Oh How I Wish That In My Heart Forever You Would Stay
I Know That We Have Just Begin This Journey Of Our Soul
But I Had To Let You Know How Your Love Has Made Me Whole
I Had To Make It Clear To You That What I Sense Is Fate
My Heart Wants You To Know Now, Before It Is Too Late
That When You Feel You’re Ready To Journey Down This Road
I-‘ll Help You Carry Burdens, I’ll Half The Heavy Load
The Next Step We Take Together For All The World To See
That I Was Made Just For You And You Were Made For Me.