Holding on to countless moments when laughter

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Holding On
To Countless Moments
When Laughter Came From
Our Bellies
Silly Banter
Taught Us
How To Be Kids Again
Silent Tears
Were For A Joyous Occasion
And Sweet Kisses
Were Unexpected
Than Intentional
Gazing Into
Those Brown Eyes
That Could
Look Through My Soul
And See How Afraid I Was
Of Becoming A Woman
I’d Rather
Stay Your Baby
And Let You
Pamper Me
With Sweet Nothings
And Fables I Wanted
To Hear
You’d Rock Me To Sleep
With Promises
We Prayed We’d Keep
Consequences Could Happen
In Secrets
You Dug So Deep
And Whispered
About Your Past
But Confident
Free Mind
And A Free Will
With Or Without
A Purpose
Without Limits
“You And I”
Were Supposed To Be
The Title
Not The Regretful