Hide behind a lie of truth you

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Hide behind a lie of a truth you deny
No way to lost the feeling you want to keep to yourself
Like a guilty secret, it will all pour out
But theres no shame in keeping quiet
You roll along life and its path
Refusing to let it flow through
Ashes fall on dreams we believed
Be strong, feel you belong
But your not yet ready to believe
Close your eyes and it vanishes for all but a second
Scary, why do you feel love is scary ?
All you have to do is be yourself
All your going to do is hurt yourself
Scary, wont you be left alone
Ohhh, we all fall but that goes for us all
Rescue another soul who feels drawn in
Following your pride, your shadow is your sun
Scary, why do you feel love is scary ?
You know it wont leave you alone
Once you find the one your truly for
Wake up from the dream you keep to yourself
Hand in your notice to the lonliness
Its not where you belong, dont be alone
Further than you have travelled is a star
Shine so bright to guide you home
Scary, who do you feel love is scary ?
All the strength you need is within
Every reason is behind every motion
Close the door on your monsters
Dont let them in or you’ll lose your mind
You take a lonely path but your happy
Or are you really?
Dont take me for a fool, l know your hurting
Oh l wont force you to feel what makes you feel uneasy
But why, oh but why ?
Scary, who do you feel love is scary ?
You know your ready
Hold this ship steady
Living alone can be quite scary
Love can bring such comfort
Celebrate whats beautiful in its seduction
Scary, whats so scary, l dont understand
How you can be afraid when you wont be alone
by michaelxx14‚