Here is a short story obviously wid

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Here Is A Short Story, Obviously Wid A Moral To Gain
Its Abt A Cow That Died Of Severe Pain.
V Had A Cow 3 Mnths Ago, Wid Hair Like Silk
Ah!! It Was Brutally Murdered, Because It Gave Us Milk.
V Had A Cow That Gave Us 10 Litres Of Milk Both Night And Day
20 Ltrs A Day Was Too Much 4 Us, So It Was Also R Neighbours Hay.
V All Loved And Cared 4 The Cow, Except 4 1 Man
Our Milkman Had Lost All His Business, In A Very Short Span.
One Day The Cow Looked Sick, As If Pale And Feeble
Our Milkman Had Fed Her A Chapati With A Hidden Needle.
V Tried All Doctors And All Medications But All In Vain
Our Cow Had Died By Now, It Cud Now Bear Further Pain.
Is This Behaviour Just 1 Man’s Sin Or Is It Human Attitue
I Cant Help Myself But Shed Tears,Ahhh I Feel Solitude