Her fingers playing totally enraptured my soul

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Her Fingers Playing-Â…
Totally Enraptured My Soul Taken And Captured,
Eye-‘s Meet In Some Far Off Crowded Place, All That
I Desired Was To Be Inspired In This Place, She Moves
With A Style And A Grace, Every Inch A Woman Of Taste,
She Beckons Sweetly And Discreetly Walks At Slow Pace
Slowly Chatting As If Tourism Was All That I Chased-Â…
Slowly Her Hand Slips Into Mine, Her Fingers Playing For
The Longest Time Shyly She Smiles As They Entwine, Eye-‘s So
Hauntingly Beautiful And Yet So Wise, You Can See Forever In
Her Eye-‘s The Sun Over The Temple Rise, Let Us Follow The Other
And Be Man And Wife, Being One In All Things In Life-Â…
Still Love My Darling Muse, What Would I Be Without The Love Of
You, Stars I-‘ve Named After You, Life Teaches And So Do You, How
To Make Life As Wonderful As You Do