Hello angel this is lonely girl i

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Hello Angel, This Is Lonely Girl,
I Know I Try To Hide
The Hurt And Pain I Feel Inside,
I Fear People See Right Through Me,
Sometimes The Pain Is Too Much To Bare,
I Need To Cry And Let It Out,
My Feelings, I Need To Share.

Angel, I Don’t Know What To Do,
I Want This Heavy Heart To Lift,
But I Know That’s Up To Me, Not You,
Yes, I Sometimes Cry At Night,
I Just Feel I’ll Never Again Feel Alright,
The Sadness I Feel Fills Up My Very Being,
Bad Times, It Seems, Is All I’m Seeing.
Angel, I Do Feel Cut Off From The World At Times,
But That’s Why I Have You,
And My Ability To Rhyme,
No, I Don’t Trust Myself As I Should,
Though To Tell You The Truth, I Wish I Could,
I Have Really Good Friends Who Do Listen,
But How Do You Talk When Tears In Your Eyes, Glisten?
The One Night Stands… You’re Probably Right,
Day In And Day Out I Fight That Fight,
I Wish This Pain Could End,
But If It Wasn’t Me Then It Could Be A Friend,
I Know You Want To Help Me,
But Like I Said, It’s Up To Me.
Angel, You Are There And That’s More Than I Can Ask For,
I Sometimes Feel Your Presence And I Know It Should Be Enough,
But I Need More,
You Say You Hold Me As I Cry Myself To Sleep,
But Why Can’t I Just Have Someones Heart To Keep?
Angel, If The Ruffle Of Your Wings Can Not Make Miracles,
And Your Halo Can Not Bring Light,
Then How Do You Know, I’ll Be Alright?
If God Tells You What You Know,
Then Please Ask Him From Here,
Where Do I Go?