He came to teach that was truth

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He Came To Teach That He Was Truth. He Was The Great I Am.
Bringing Grace Into This World Was His Father’s Plan.
The Cruelest Death That Man Could Know Was His Alone To Bear.
A Crown Of Thorns Upon His Brow Was His Alone To Wear.
Ridiculed And Beaten, For Us He Bore The Shame.
This Perfect Son Of God, For Us He Bore The Blame.
‘It Is Finished, ‘ Said The Savior, And The World Thought It Had Won.
But The Grave Then Lost The Battle With The Rising Of The Son.
The Rising Of The Son Brought Salvation To The World.
The Banner Of His Victory Was, On That Day, Unfurled.
We Now Can Share The Glory For The Battle That He Won.
Come Bask In Love’s Great Warmth With The Rising Of The Son.
His Grace Is All Sufficient, Naught Else Now Do We Need.
His Scripture Is Inerrant, Nothing More Must We Now Heed.
O’ Hear Me Now, Indifferent World, Gods Love Now Covers All.
For The Rishing Of The Son Started Started Satan’s Fall