Have you ever felt something was missing

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Have You Ever Felt Something Was Missing?
Something Deep Down Inside Of You?
And Though It Might Not Make Much Sense,
You Really Know Its True.

They Say Life Is Oh So Short,
But Full Of Lessons Long.
And Though Most Lessons Are Full Of Hurt,
They Help To Show You What Went Wrong.
I’d Rather Learn My Lessons Young,
When I Can Heal From All The Pain.
And Now I Can Step Into Adulthood,
With That Much More To Gain.
I’ve Not Lost The Feelings Of Hurt,
But I’ve Gained The Power To Love,
The Power To Push Out Insecurities
With A Firm Yet Gentle Shove.
I Always Felt I Knew Myself,
Inside As Well As Out.
Up Until He Walked Into My Life,
I’d Never Had A Doubt.
And Now I Find Myself Questioning,
Am I All That I Want To Be?
There Is Still Something That Is Missing,
An Invisible But Important Quality.
And Though I Feel Its Unseen,
I Think He Felt It From The Start.
One Thing That Helped Him Fall In Love,
One Thing That Helped Him Win My Heart.
There Was An Innocence Inside Of Me,
You Can Only See At A Closer Glance.
The Innocence Of Never Seeing True Love,
And Never Have Getting The Chance.
But Then He Took The Chance With Me,
Which Neither Of Us Regret.
We Dove On Into The World Of Love,
A Feeling I Could Never Forget.
And Yes, We’ve Had Our Crossroads,
As Any Healthy Relationship Should.
But We Work Them Out And Move Right On,
Just Like He Promised We Would.
So Thank You My Wonderful Lover,
For Bringing Me A World Of Utter Bliss.
No Longer Do I Feel Something Missing,
It Fills Me Every Time We Kiss.