God once created so many wonders for

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God Once Created So Many Wonders For Man
Unfortunately, He Was Unable To Perfect His Dream
He Was Able To Perfect So Many Things
Just Look At The Mountains Or A Small Stream

God Has Created A Rembrandt In A Woman
Nevertheless, A Rembrandt Is Not A Masterpiece For God
He Worked Diligently And Perfected So Many Ladies
Through Time, His Perfection Was Nothing But A Scrod
God Took A Vacation To Perfect His Masterpiece
He Knew What She Had To Be For Perfection Is The Goal
From Diligent Hands And Careful Contemplation, He Set Sail
He Took His Time For He Focused On Her Heart, Mind, And Soul
Heaven Watched Diligently For They Wanted To See The Masterpiece
Everyone Knew That She Would Be Better Than Their Imagination
God Continued To Struggle, As He Wanted The Very Best For Eternity
It May Have Taken Him Centuries And A Lot Of Frustration
Finally!!! She Was Complete And Beyond Beautiful Both Inside And Out
His Name For The Masterpiece Is Catrina, Which Means Pure
She Is So Lovely And All Had To Adore Every Part Of Her
Catrina Is Amazing In Every Aspect; That Is For Sure
God-‘s Masterpiece Finally Came Into My Life And I Thank Him Every Day For Her
I Truly Admire Who She Is And My Love Will Never Fade Away
I Shall Take Care Of Her All Of My Life For She Is Now My Masterpiece Delivered From God
My Inner Being Is Rejoicing And She Shall See Me Dance To An Aray
I Shall Never Forget What God Has Brought Me For She Is So Heavenly
There Are So Many Girls, But They Are Nothing But A Rease
Catrina Shall Always Be My Wife For She Is Full Of Life, Laughter, And Glory
My Heart Pounds So Hard When I See Her For She Is My Masterpiece