Glittering waters in her minds eye stars

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Glittering Waters In Her Minds Eye
Stars That Bring The Sky To Life
A Full Moon Balances The Night Landscape
As She Gazes Into The Heavens Above Her
Palm Trees Rustling In The Nights Sultry Breezes
Ocean Waves They Tip Toe On The Sand
She Takes A Break And Relaxes
Ocean Waters Put Her Mind At Ease
Relaxing Visions In Her Dreams
She Awakens Looking Down At The Earth Below
A Blue Green Sphere That Spins Below Her
She Floats Effortlessly Above It
Taking In All That Can See And Feel
The Silence Of The Night Brings Her Comfort
A Sense Of Being She Has Never Known Before
But Her Loneliness Consumes Her
Can Such Wonders Bring Her Home
She Rejoices In The Beauty That Surrounds Her
Thinking Heaven Cant Be Far Away
She Reaches Out To Grab A Star
And Finds Herself In A Free Fall
Hurdling Toward The Earth Below Her
And Just As She Is About To Touch The Ground
She Awakens,
With Eyes Clearing She Sees The Sun Rising In The Eastern Sky
And A Full Moon Sinking And Waving Goodbye In The West
by walkb99rhyme