For a long time i once was

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For A Long Time, I Once Was Lost
Didn-‘t Know Where To Go, At Any Cost
Then-Â…you Came To Me Like The Sunshine
Making My Day Bright, Letting Me Shine
Your Brilliant Rays Of Love Showed Me The Way
They Made Me Want To, With You And Only U, Stay
Your Understanding Eyes Heard All My Troubles
Your Encouraging Voice, Made My Emotions Bubble
Your Towering Height Was A Way To Protect Me
It Hid From Me, Things I Didn-‘t Want To See
All In All, I Felt Like I Loved You
Just Like Everyone Else, I Wanted U As My Beau
So Before I Fell Again Into My Despair
I Placed My Lips On Yours, Making A Dare
You Responded Well And Said I Was Ur Love
You Made Me Feel So Innocent, So Carefree
I Didn-‘t Have To Worry-Â…u Were There, My Love
Now You Are Like My Guiding Angel
Helping Me, Supporting Me
Even When I Begin To Trip And Fall
Your Name Is The Only One My Heart Can Call
For All The Love You Have Given Me,
For All The Misery U Have Taken Out Of Me,
I Want To Say
Thank You-Â…ur The Highlight Of My Day
Thank You-Â…for Loving Me
Thank You-Â…of Helping Me Discover Myself
Thank You-Â…for Entering My Heart
I Love You-Â…