Every morning that i wake knowing can8217t

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Every Morning That I Wake, Knowing I Can’t Call.
On My Way To Work I Sit And Think Of Only You.
Your Smile Your Eyes, How Can I Forget,
How Can I Move On Knowing There Is A Chance. Why.

Why Should I Be Without You, I Don’t Know,
I Just Can’t. Confusion Run My Mind. Memories Of Holding You,
And Making The Sadness Go Away.
Why Did You Come Into My Life When You Were Not Out Of His….
Why Did That One Kiss Mean So Much To Us That Made Us Grow Stronger…..
Why Is It He Deserves Another Chance When You Know Your Heart Is With Mine.
Why Is It You Tell Me You Love Me, But Yet It Hurts So Much
I Know You Love Me, But…..I Dont Know Confusion Runs My Mind….
Why Are You So Affraid To Leave Him, Thinking He Will Be Alone And Hurt.
He Can Move On, But We Can’t We Have Built Too Much In A Little While Than You Did With Him In A Year…
Why Is It Time To Say Goodbye…
You Leave My Heart In A Bind……Why