Every morning i wake up all wanna

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Every Morning I Wake Up All I Wanna Do Is See You,
I’m Gonna Run To Your House, Lay Next To You,
I’ll Kiss You As You Sleep,
Oh Wouldn’t That Be Sweet,

After You Awakin, Breakfast I’ll Be Makin’,
We Can Sit Down, Eat It With Eachother,
Take A Shower, Get Ready,
Then We’ll Be On Our Way,
On Our Walk To The Park, We Can Get Ice Cream,
You Better Watch Out, I’ll Put It On Your Nose,
I Might Ask To Get It Off For You,
Maybe You Can Put It On Mine,
In The Afternoon, We Can Go To Lunch,
Wherever You’d Like, I’ll Take You There,
You Can Have What You Want,
Oh We’ll Have A Good Time,
Then In The Evening, We’ll See A Movie,
I’ll Buy Your Ticket, And The Popcorn,
We’ll Watch A Good One, And If It’s Scary,
I’ll Let You Squeez My Hand,
Then I’ll Take You Home, Maybe I’ll Stay Awhile,
We Can Sit Outside, And Watch The Stars,
Realize Who We Really Are,
Or We Can Talk About Us,
And Before I Go Home I’ll Kiss You Again,
I Hope Your Day Was Great, Like Mine Was,
I’ll Dream Of You Tonight,
Wake Up And Want You Again,