Dye your hair streak some blonde through

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Dye Your Hair,
Streak Some Blonde Through It.
Lower Your Top,
Show More Flesh Than Necessary.
Put On That Blue Eye Shadow;
The One Everyone Is Wearing These Days.
Trowel It On So Everyone Will Notice.
Make A Phone Call
And Laugh At All The People Who Don-‘t Look Like You.
Put On Some Lip Gloss Add A Second Coat.
A Third A Fourth Heck, Use Half The Bottle.
Spritz A Bit Of That Celebrity-‘s Perfume.
Pick Out The Black Leather Jacket
And The Gladiator Sandals.
Take A Shot Of Vodka
And Put A Fag In Your Mouth.
Admire The Effect In The Mirror.
The Natural Brown
Is Just Visible Under The Blonde.
Your Boobs Are Half Out The Top,
You Look Like A Ho.
You Immediately Hate The Blue Shadow.
If You-‘re Honest, You Preferred The
Subtle Grey.
Your Phone-‘s Ringing.
You-‘re Not Answering.
The Lip Gloss Feels
Sticky On Your Lips.
In Fact It Feels Awful.
The Perfume Gives You A Headache
And The Jacket And Shoes Look
The Vodka And Cigarette
Have Left A Nasty Taste
In Your Mouth.
You Hate The Whole Effect