Dreams of desire forbidden things we wanted

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Dreams Of Desire: Forbidden Things,
We Wanted To, But Never Did.
Desires We Carefully Hid,
Carnal, Lustful, Hopeless Yearnings.
Forbidden Fruits Beyond Our Reach.
We Could Achieve In Dreaming State.
Each Dream A Lesson Sought To Teach.
Our Super Egos In Full Spate.
Warnings Against Unbridled Lust.
Egos Obey They Don-‘t Rebel.
Our Ids Reply Why Should We Trust
The Stupid Stories Which You Tell.
Our Ids Perforce Must Be Restrained.
Nobody Is Allowed To Do
Exactly As They Wanted To.
They Are By Legal Rules Constrained.
Dreams Of Desire As Yet Are Free
To Be Indulged In Privately.
Not To Be Taken Seriously,
We Know They-‘re Only Fantasy