Dont wither now restore your self i

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Don-‘t Wither!
Now, Restore Your Self!!
I Know: You-‘re Not Queen Cleopatra:
Of Whom, Shakespeare Said, -Ë—withers Not-‘!
I Know: You-‘re Not A Fiction Either;
Where, Heroine Is Not A Trot!
I See, You-‘re Real And, Purely Real!!
It-‘s Time To Wax And, Not To Wane!!
Yet, Cloudy Lines Are On Your Face!
For Youth: Such Shadows Are Not Sane?
I Want: Be Cautioned, Just Right Now!
Stop Withering! And, Restore Your Self!
Time Goes, And Goes For All-Ever;
And With It Goes, One That-‘s So Sweet!
We Long For Some One, Whole Our Life;
Yet That One Never Comes To Meet!
We Tried, Ourselves, Endlessly; Yet,
Our Finds, In Horizon, Are Zeroed!
We Call, Endlessly, All The More;
But, Hear Our Own Voices, Echoed!
Let-‘s Call Us, Till Response Is Heard!
And See, How We Can Both-Ways Help!!
That Day, Shocked Me And I Went Ill!!
-Ë—twas Not Your Fault I-‘m My Own Kill!!
Sane Expectations Are Selfish;
But Now, More Shocks Endure I Will!!
Don-‘t Pine For Me! It-‘s Not Needed!!
I-‘m Full Of Life! I-‘ll Live Alright!!
There Are Hundreds Of Things, So Sweet:
Your Life Is Immature, But Bright!
Look Forward: There Are Better Things!
Stop Withering, And Restore Your Self!