Dont go away weeps a boy for

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Don-‘t Go Away Weeps A Boy For His Love
His Heart Is So Pure Like, A Dove-Â…
As His Grunt Is Being Echoed All Over
To Make Him Mad With Thoughts Of Her-Â…
His Heart Is Broken As He Lies In Solitude
Silent Cry Of His Soul Haunts Him With Great Magnitude
As The Sun Shining Bright Unleashes Its Rays Of Hope
The Boy With His Dreams Shattered Searches For Darkness In Despair
As He Weeps Alone-Â…years Have Gone By
But His Heart Still Remained Adamant
His Tears Continue To Flow Like A River
And The Pain Still Makes Him Shiver
And Finally A Day Came When His Soul Left Him-Â…
But I Don-‘t Know Why I Can Still Hear His Silent Cry
Don-‘t Go Away My Love Don-‘t Go Away