Don8217t cry over your past which gave

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Don’t Cry Over Your Past
Which Gave You Pain And Affliction
And Also Suffering And Tension
Don’t Blame Those Days
On Your Fate Or Destiny
Which‚  Made You Poor
With Out A Single Penny
Don’t Cry Over Those Days
When Each Day Seemed Like An Year
And You Had Nobody So Near
To Say I‚  Love You‚  Dear”
Don’t Blame Those Days
When You‚  Were Not Lucky
Enough‚ ‚  To‚  Succeed
And Fulfill Your Ambition
Inside You Somewhere‚  Started‚  A‚  Revolution
Against Your God And Your Faith
Don’t Really‚  Remember Those Days
Because That Was A Dark Night
Where All Your Problems
Had Their Stay
But Remember After Every Night
There Is Sunny Morning Day
That Is So Bright With Sun’s Rays
Your Happiness Will Return
You Will Be Loved And Have Lots Of Fun
From Your Life All Sufferings Will‚  Be Shunned
So Enjoy Life Every Minute And Every Day
After All This Life Is Just A Play
So Be Happy And Always Be Happy And Gay