Does the true god take sides in

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Does The True God Take Sides In Worldwide Conflicts Of Today?
How About When Athletes Want The Prize And Start To Pray?
Does One Land Have God’s Blessing While The Others Have No Hope?
Does God Bless All Religions, Exalting Leaders Like The Pope?

The Bible Says, The Wisdom Of This World Conflicts With God’s
Christ Jesus Said His Father Is The One All Man Should Laud;
The Wars Fought In The Bible Proclaimed God’s Most Holy Name
John Fell Down At An Angel’s Feet; Told, ‘Stop! Give God The Fame’
So Learn Today What Prayers God Hears – It’s Written Down For You
Inspired By The True God, It Will Help Your Family, Too.
The Teachers Teach You Free, Right From The Bible, A Good Book.
There’s Only One Religion That Will Teach The Truth, Search – Look.
Jeannie Ann Clark