Did you that i am dead all

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Did You That I Am Dead?
All My Thoughts Have Left My Head.
All My Wounds Need Not Heal.
My Once Throbbing Heart Has Broken The Seal.

The Life You Thought You Knew…Withdrawn.
I Bet You Didn’t Know I Was Too Far Gone.
This Love You Often Held So Near.
Was Always Empty But You Kept Me Here.
You Never Wanted For This To End.
You Thought I Would Stay And Forever Pretend.
But Now It’s Over What Had Begun.
You Made Me Feel Broken And My Heart Always Stung.
There You Sit Waiting For Me.
Thinking This Life Was Never To Flee.
But Here I Lay Cold As Stone.
I Guess I’m Dead.
I’m Just All Alone.
But Don’t Worry At All For The Loss Of Love.
Don’t Think I Was Taken By Powers Above.
Don’t Blame What Has Happened On Everyone But Me.
Don’t Go To Your Friends And Countinue Your Plee.
For What Has Happened I Can Not Undo.
You Don’t Understand You Can Lose Part Of You.
What Happened This Time Is My Own Fault.
I Made My Heart Into A Icy Vault.
This Path I Have Tread Is The One I Have Chosen.
Look At Me Now Can’t You Tell…I Am Frozen.
Silvana Sky