Crackers and cheese topped with pickle black

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Crackers And Cheese Topped With Pickle
Black Forest Gateau With Creams
Pork Pies With Jacket Potatoes
My Trousers Now Strain At The Seams
Salads Were Left Alone Wilting
As Strange Things On Sticks Fizzled Out
Just One More Small Sherry Trifle
With More Cream If There-‘s Some About
Someone Said Take The Last Drumstick
If Not It Will Just Go To Waste
Plus One Or Two More Pickled Onions
And Butties With Potted Meat Paste
At First I Wasn-‘t So Peckish
And Know That I Shouldn-‘t Have Started
My Rumbling Tum, Went Off Like A Gun
When The Wind Blew The Guests All Departed