Cold fury today behaved really badly in

Cold Fury Today, Behaved Really Badly In A
Fashionable Shop With Sub-Standard Clothing,
Pulled Clothes From Hangers, Nearly Kicked
Them At Salesmen, Clothes Everywhere And
None I Can Wear
Enough To Make A Grown Woman Cry And A
Crocodile Swear; Horrendous Clothes With Low-
Cut Bodice For Total Discomfort, Awful Tops For
Body-Fit And All Too Short; I Suppose I Was Born
To Go About Naked
The Fashion Industry Never Heard Of Crocodile
Needs, Wearing Their Badly Designed Clothes Is
Another Form Of Punishment Just Like Swami
Prabhupada Says, Being Aware Of Your Bodily
Existence Is A Form Of Affliction
Only Escape Is In Spiritual Transcendence, In
The Meantime I Still Have To Wear Make-Believe
Clothes In The Illusionary World Of The Senses,
If Only Swami Prabhupada-‘s Transcendental
Meditation Released Me From
The Painful Sensation Of Clothing On Me

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