Cmon over said she to he

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C-‘mon Over, -
Said She To He
(Grammatically Him)
She Says,
-Å—let-‘s Have Some Fun.;
I-‘m In The Mood For One On One.-
He Thinks,
Shall I Say No!
Or Say, -Å—i-‘m Sick! -

Then She Will Go
With Faithful Nick.
-ŗokay, -
Said He To She
(Grammatically Her)
He Says,
-Å—when I Am Done;
I-‘m Watching Now A Setting Sun.-
-ŗoooooh, Wait, -
She Squealed.
I Want To See It Setting, Too.
I Want To Sit And Watch With You.-
-ŗoh, No! -
Said He.
-Å—i Cannot Wait.
For Some, Like Love,
It Is Too Late.
For Life Is Like The Setting Sun
Never Stops Til Day Is Done,
Not Like Our Loving
One On One.-
He Came To Her,
After Sun Was Set.
Shadows Played
As Solo Candle Burned,
Her Naked Body
Draped Across
Her Floral Covers
Like Peter Crucified,
Dripping Wet
With Salty Sweat
Leaking From Her Sticky Skin
From Having Joy With Nick Within.
Amoratus Del Cielo V