Closing my eyes and making a wish

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Closing My Eyes And Making A Wish
The Weeping Willow Touches My Skin,
His Gentle Touch Lets Me Feel
The Fiery Passion Burning
Deep Beneath My Skin.
My Eyes Closed As I Wish
To Have Him By My Side,
As Droplets Of Water Caress My Flesh
Unearthing The Passion
Within Myself.
My Body Craving His Tightly Embrace
Burning The Flesh Of My Inner Self,
Desires Of Love, Desires Of Lust
As We Kiss Deeply Our Bodies Entwined.
Magical Forces Of Lovers Delight
His Gentle Touch
Lets Me Know He Is Right Here By My Side,
His Warm Lips Upon My Lips
The Warmth Of His Body Next To Mine,
As We Make Love Like Never Before
Over And Over Our Bodies Engulfed,
Letting The Passion Be Our Guide.
She Opens Her Eyes And Soon Realize
She Is All Alone In The Middle Of The Night
Sadness Overcomes Her Passion,
As The Willow Weeps
In The Darkest Of The Night.