Calvin my love fool wake up please

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Calvin, My Love Fool.
Wake Up, Please Don’t Waste Your Life.
Wake Up , Please Do Not Fear Somthing So Good Happens In Your Life.
We Love Each Other,
We Are So Happy And Content Together,
When We Are Together We Miss Nothing Else In This World.

Calvin, My Love Fool
Please Wake Up And See The Signs!
God Shaked The Earth For Us To Meet.
God Lead Us To Find The Path Back To Our Own True Self And Lead Us Into Each Other’s Heart,
We Are So Meant To Be
Can You See?
Even With All The Missing Luggages To Prove It.
It Is A Complete Perfect Set With No Duplicates.
Calvin, My Love Fool,
Wake Up, Listen To The Angel’s Music,
Wake Up, Feel Your Heart’s Beating For Me,
Wake Up, Open Your Eyes And See Your Happy Destiny.
Calvin, My Dear Fool,
Please Forgive Yourself For Me,
Forgive Yourself That You Fell,
Come Home To Me Where Love Is For Eternity.