Break my nose bruise eye the heart

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Break My Nose, Bruise My Eye
Break The Heart I Hold Inside
Beat Me Down, Tell Me I-‘m Wrong
Pull My Hair, Drag Me Along

Knock Me Down When I Stand Up
Hit Me, Hurt Me, So You Feel Tough
Do These Things, It Makes Me Stronger
Slap My Face, Just A Little Longer
Cut Me, Burn Me, Push Me Around
One Day You-‘ll See Me Get Off The Ground
When I Stand Up How Much Taller I-‘ll Be
So Go Ahead And Do These Things To Me
Choke Me, Throw Me, And Make Yourself Feel Big
Your Still Not A Man, So Go Ahead You Pig
Lie To Me, Hurt Me, And Tell Me You Love Me
Though It-‘s Not True I-‘ll Begin To Be Free
You See, All Of This You Do
Only Makes Me Hard
And One Day
I-‘ll Be As Big As You Think You Are
So Go On And Bust My Lip
As I Wait For That Day To Arrive
I Know I Will Stand As Tall As You
And I Will Show You Up For Size