Boy what do u find as you

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Boy: What Do U Find As You Look Up?
Girl: The Mighty Sky.
Girl: It-‘s Looking Beautiful Today Isn-‘t It?
Boy: The Sky Is Beautiful All The Time-Â…it-‘s In Our Vision-Â…just The Way We Look At It.
Girl: Ok Tell Me, What Do U Find When U Look Up?
Boy: My Dreams, Cuddled In The Arms Of The Sky So High-Â…refusing To Come Down To Reach Me And Make Me Smile.
Girl: What Is Your Dream? Tell Me-Â…i Would Ask The Sky And I Would Bring Down Your Dreams-Â…to Make U Smile.
Boy: My Dreams Are Always With Me-Â…right Beside Me-Â…but Never Close To My Heart
The Poor Innocent Girl Couldn-‘t Realize
That She Is The Hope-Â…she Is His Life-Â…
And It Starts Raining Heavily-Â…the Girl Runs Away
To A Tree Near By-Â…for Shelter-Â…but The Boy Doesn-‘t Move A Bit-Â…surprised
The Girl Looks At Him Enjoying His Time In The Rain-Â…she Could Notice
The Joy In The Face And Could See That His Pretty Smile Was Back-Â…
Boy: Why Did You Run Away My Dear?
Girl: It Rained Heavily-Â…so I Went Near A Tree For Shelter.
Girl: Why Didn-‘t You Come With Me? Why Did You Drench In The Rain?
Girl: What Was It That Made You So Happy And Brought Your Smile Back?
Boy: My Dreams Which Were Held By The Sky Till Now-Â…sky Could Listen To My Pleas And So It Sent My Dreams Down To Make Me Smile-Â…
Boy: I Wish You Could Also Understand That My Dream Was Your Love-Â…and You Were My Heart Beat-Â…
Says The Boy To Himself-Â…with Desperation-Â…coz He Could Not Tell The Same To Her