Beseech me not to speak the flowery

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Beseech Me Not To Speak The Flowery Talk Of Love.
Ask Not Of Me To Use Such Words That Seem From Heaven Above.
Ask Only That I Say To You What My Heart Does Lend.
That You My Bride Are These; My Wife, Lover And Friend.
To Say Our Love Is As A Rose, So Perfect In Its Form,
And That When We’re Apart, My Soul Feels So Forlorn,
Is But To Use The Language That Many Poets Tend.
You Are More Than This, My Wife, Lover And Friend.
Please Do Not Disparage, If When We Are Alone,
I Do Not Read You Sonnets In Fine Poetic Tone.
Allow My Lips And Heart, This Message Clearly Send.
You Are More Than Words, My Wife, Lover And Friend.
So Let Me Say The Words That Truely Fill My Soul.
Your Happiness, My Love, Is My Most Worthy Goal.
And I’ll Not Speak The Words Of Vain Poetic Trend.
Just These; You Are My Wife, Lover And Friend