Being without you baby there is no

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Being Without You Baby There Is No Music
There Is No Sunshine To Light Up My Day
There Is No Life To Celebrate Everyday
The World Is Gray And It Turns To Black
It-‘s So Dark That I Can Never Hardly See Where You At

Without You
The Clocks Are Frozen
The Time Stopped
And The Days Are Boring
I-‘m Half Alive
Until The Moment You Came Into My Life
The Door Swings To Open
And You Walk Through
Now My Soul Is Afloat
On A Melody Of Music
That I Could Feel Such Joy
I Never Knew
Sooner Or Later You Will Plainly See
That Our Love Is Strong And True
And Meant To Be
I-‘ve Learned
The True And Full Meaning Of Love
By Being With You And Loving You
And So You See
Why I Can Never Be
Without You Baby-Â…