Because of you i have become strong

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Because Of You,
I Have Become Strong And Independent
But Don-‘t Think, Even For A Moment That I Don-‘t Need You.
Because Of You,
I-‘m Not Afraid To Try New Things, Even Make A Decision Or Two
That May Not Seem Like Much To You, But To Me It-‘s Everything.
Because Of You,
My Heart Is Filled With Such Happiness And Pride
Knowing That I Have An Amazing Man Like You By My Side
Because Of You,
My Dreams Are Filled With Smiles And Laughter For All
The Amazing Times We-‘ve Shared And For All The Moments We Have Yet To Treasure.
Because Of You,
Above All I Want You To Know That I-‘m Here For You,
The Way You Are Always There For Me, Unconditionally.
Even When We Are So Many Miles And Oceans Apart, You Will Always Be In My Heart